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Dentistry & Veterinarian Compounding Services | DermaPharm Is a dental preparation not commercially available in Canada that you are wanting to use in your practice?

Dermatology Centre Pharmacy compounds dental preparations that may only be commercially available in the United States, other countries, or that have been discontinued by dental manufacturers. We can compound a variety of dental preparations including bleaching agents, chelating agents, dry socket preparations, etches, hemostatic agents, antibiotic rinses / gels, and much more. Dermatology Centre Pharmacy may be able to lower your overhead by compounding dental preparations directly in our pharmacy. Please contact us via phone or email for more clarification at (403)299-5808 or


Dentistry & Veterinarian Compounding Services | DermaPharm Do you require a specific strength of a medication that is not commercially available?

Tablets or capsules may only be available in a few strengths. Dermatology Centre Pharmacy can compound the appropriate strength for a specific patient/animal(s).

Are you having difficulty medicating a patient?

Dermatology Centre Pharmacy can prepare easy to administer flavored dosage forms (i.e. suspensions, animal treats) that veterinary patients will actually eat – triple fish, banana, beef, etc.

Is an alternate method of medication administration needed?

If a patient is not tolerant of oral medications, an alternate route of administration may be prepared. Dermatology Centre Pharmacy can compound injections, transdermal gels, eye drops, nasal sprays etc.

Is the Medication no longer available?

If a medication is no longer available in Canada or USA, Dermatology Centre Pharmacy can compound that discontinued medication.

Examples of medications available:

  • Hormones, Viscosupplementation, Hypoprothrombinemia therapy
  • Incontinence, Chelating agents, Keratoconjuctivitis
  • Thyroid dysfunction, Antineoplastics, Antiepileptics
  • Mineralocorticoids

Please call Dermatology Centre Pharmacy at (403) 299-5808 or contact us via email at if you have any questions about difficult to find veterinary medications.

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